Garden Rooms

Trust F&S to provide you with the perfect Garden Room.

Our summer houses are perfectly designed to maximise your outdoor areas and provide additional living space.

We offer double glazed windows, secure locks, electrical ports in every room, as well as double doors for the most eye catching view. Our garden rooms will add value and beauty to your home with another gorgeous room to spend quality time in.

As is the promise with all of our garden products, we promise to deliver to your door, completely clear the area where your new garden room will sit and leave your home with a stunning new addition with your garden looking pristine. Our expert team promises to leave your premises clean, tidy and with your full satisfaction guaranteed.

Summer Houses

All of our summer houses are delivered with glass windows, joinery doors with sturdy lock and key on each. We will make sure that you also have the perfect base in place for your cabin as it is essential that log cabins are laid upon a perfectly constructed platform, this option is only available within a 30 mile radius of WS11. This will occur an additional charge.